Innovation - Cavosa




Cavosa is a company related to technological innovation since its inception, we are always open to adopt new methodologies that make us more competitive or improve our Know How. The proof of this is that we have been pioneers in the use of numerous technologies that have subsequently been standard in the industry.
As an example of this vocation:

1973-Cavosa is a pioneer in Spain in the demolition of buildings by controlled blasting

1990-Cavosa use for first time in Spain, Wet Spraying concrete units

1991-Cavosa promotes the use of expansive bolts

1993- Pioneer in the use of the ANFO type explosive inside

1995-Cavosa designs and builds for the first time in Spain automatic machines for loading ANFO type explosive in tunnels

1995- Of the first two companies in Spain to use fully robotized 3-arm jumbos

2005-Cavosa operates for the first time with a TBM adapted to work in explosive atmospheres

2008- Designs, manufactures and patents the first dosing of basalt fibers for reinforced shotcrete

2009- Designs, manufactures a specific equipment for the execution with blasting of tunnels of high inclination. EPYSTEI

2010-Cavosa is one of the first companies in the world in the realization of wells by extrusion. VSM machine

Cavosa has its own R & D department, is certified according to UNE 166002, has developed 12 projects in the last 8 years, 10 of them certified as R & D and two of them as Technological Innovation. And at this moment we are developing 3 R & D projects where we are making advances in communication within the tunnels, in the automation of machines and in the intelligent control of processes.

TunnelAD Project

Cavosa is currently working on the TunnelAD (Tunnel Autonomous Driving) project in collaboration with Sacyr and INSIA - UPM (Higher Center for Automobile Research), a project funded within the RETOS - COLLABORATION 2017 Intelligent and Integrated Intelligent Transportation program. This project consists of the development of a specific modular kit for the articulated dumper Volvo A25 that allows its work automatically in the work for digging out debris in tunnels.