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Cavosa has participated in major infrastructure projects, in high-speed railways, in the metros of large cities, in the most complex hydraulic projects and in the most important mining operations.

Special works

Cavosa  has the capacity to face the most important challenges both in the city and in the most complex sections of the motorway.


We have the guarantee of our extensive experience: we have built more than 170 km of road, railway and metro tunnels.

Hydraulic Works

Hydraulic power stations, pennstocks, damps, pipes, whatever your necesity we can be your solution.


A referent in the mining world . Cavosa has developed the complete operation of mining explotations.


CAVOSA has participated in its history in major infrastructure projects, high-speed railways, metros in large cities, the most complex hydraulic projects and the most important mining operations thanks to be a leader in innovation and a technical team of high professionalism.


Innovation, the implementation of new technologies and the adaptation to change have allowed CAVOSA to remain as a market leader during its life of more than 50 years.

CAVOSA, driven by the desire to overcome its qualified team and its unquestionable experience, carries out an incessant R + D + i activity, which allows it to anticipate the future and contribute with its specialization to each project.

In these moments we are developing projects in the field of autonomous mobility, the early detection, and the communication inside the tunnels, fields in which we believe is the future of our sector.