A long experience

Linking people

CAVOSA was born in 1967 as a company dedicated to develop works related to the use of
explosives over all in the earth movement field and open pits.

In the nineties, CAVOSA evolves to become in a Construction Company which develops all kind of civil works , particularly looking for boosting and developing its specialization in underground works.

Fundada el 26/7/1964

CAVOSA was established on 29 March 1967, with a share capital of 2 MM pesetas, being its partners Explosivos Rio Tinto, S.A. (E.R.T.) and Holman Ibérica, S.A.


The underground experience began in the 70s in salt mines projects. Becoming managers of complete mines.

Experiencia subterranea
Trayectoría internacional

International trajectory in the year 1974 , taking part in the port of Sines (Portugal). Ever since, it has taken active part in international, long-term works and projects in numerous countries: Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Morocco, Algeria, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Angola, Portugal, Colombia.


First Spanish company in building controlled demolitions (1970). Madrid Daily Newspaper, Madrid 1974.

1º empresa de voladuras controladas
Historia primeros yacimientos

First Spanish company in mining asturian carboniferous coal deposits by open pit (Asturias Hullas de Coto Cortés, 1974).


In the latest 70’s: CAVOSA began their path in tunnelling for Civil Works, in the Pancorbo tunnels.

Historia Túneles
Historia Sacyr accionista

In the year 1999, SACYR, one of the main construction companies in Spain, became a shareholder member of CAVOSA. Ending the process in the year 2001 as single shareholder.


2001 : Change the name: CAVOSA Compañía Auxiliar de Voladuras -> CAVOSA Obras y Proyectos S.A.

Cambio de nombre
Cavosa fomr parte de grupo Sacyr

In the year 2003 CAVOSA became part of SACYR-VALLEHERMOSO, after it was established as a company holding.


CAVOSA breaks his historical record of tunnel production with 17.9 km of tunnel made in one year

50 Aniversario
50 Aniversario

50th Anniversary.

Why Cavosa



CAVOSA has 50 years of experience, always linked to the use of explosives and most of them to the underground mining and mining sector.

In the last years CAVOSA has made more than 136 km of tunnels which gives an idea of its capacity.

Technical challenges

In these years CAVOSA has approached all types of works from tunnels through drilling and blasting to works carried out with tunneling machines, complex hydraulic works and urban tunnels in very sensitive environments.

In addition CAVOSA has a large fleet of specialized machinery for the execution of underground work which gives a competitive advantage when facing new challenges.

The power of a great group

CAVOSA belongs to one of the most important groups of international builders SACYR, which gives great support as a partner, client and parent company that supports the structure of CAVOSA in all corporate areas.

Sacyr Group

With the incorporation of SACYR as holder of the company, CAVOSA centered its activity in the execution of all kind of underground works, maintaining its own departments of production, machinery fleet, technical office, tendering and R&D, and sharing the others with SACYR group.

Thanks to the generated synergy belonging to Sacyr, one of the first construction groups in Spain, Cavosa can tackled, with enough capacity, either small section galleries or big infrastructure projects in Spain or in any part of the world.

  • Sacyr, Construction
    • Cavosa, Construction
    • Somague, Construction
  • Sacyr, Concessions
  • Valoriza, <span>Services</span><span>Water</span><span>Energy</span><span>Environment</span><span>Industrial</span>

Strategic Markets

Map of Internacional Presence, Cavosa