Innovation and Technology

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Cavosa is a company specialized in all kind of underground works , taking part in the construction of transport, hydraulic, industrial or environmental infrastructures adding to the project our long experience and specialization.

Appling new methods and constructive processes well as using the most modern machinery are the key to get progress with quality and speed.

Any type of underground infrastructure

In any terrain, in any type of geology, in granite, limestone, and even soil. In civil engineering, transport infrastructure, hydraulic or industrial or environmental. Whatever tunnel of your project, both as prime contractors or subcontractors in Cavosa you will find an effective solution.

Cavosa has participated and actively participates in the major infrastructure being built in Spain in recent years in large tunnels for high-speed lines, highways and tunnels, subway tunnels, underground stations, successfully making the most important challenges.

The perfect combination of the most modern fleet of specialized machinery and th rigor and qualification of our technical team, is the best guarantee to successfully undertake the execution of road, rail or water tunnels.

Because of its great experience and his modern machinery we are able to run all kinds of tunnels, whatever section, length, and particular technical characteristics, always offering the best technical solution shortening the time and reaching the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Tunnels production

Grafico de longitud de Túneles Ejecutados



For the mining industry, Cavosa specialization returns into higher productivity.

Throughout history, Cavosa has worked in a great number of mines in Spain , as well as mining contractor and investor. The extensive international experience of Cavosa in mining projects is focuses on : Chile (copper mine) , Argentina (Gold and Silver) , Venezuela (gold and coal) , Portugal (tin and kaolin) , Colombia (coal), Thailand (Anhydrite) and Algeria (Ornamental Rocks).

The rigor and the skills of the engineers and technicians of Cavosa is reflected in work that goes beyond simple collaboration in the construction of tunnels, shafts, ramps or caverns.